A family of creative expression unifed by the love of the Creator


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We are independent artists, which means our recording, production, distribution, publishing, promotion - everything - comes from our own pockets, and our supporters.  The beautiful thing about being "independent" creators is that it actually requires us to be more dependent on the graces of provision through a family of supporters who believe in this work.  We wouldn't have it any other way!

Sabbath, our first studio release, was totally funded by friends and family who believed in what we are called to, which means that any revenue we receive from the project can go right back into future creations - which is awesome!  However, there are still costs above and beyond the recording process associated with publishing, distribution, promotion, and those kinds of things.  

Our drive is not income, but offering.  Our dream is to be able to continue to offer creative, Kingdom works from other songwriters who are part of our family.  Our hope is that as we offer more music, the process can become self-sustaining.  

Whether you're someone who believes in the creation of powerful art for the sake of the Kingdom of God, or you just appreciate carefully crafted music, or all of the above, you can sow into our family any time.  If you are touched by our work so far, and you want to see more come in the future, you can help support October Wedding by giving directly to our PayPal account below, making a tip on Noisetrade, ordering a CD from this site, or simply downloading our music and sharing about it!

We love the freedom and life-giving reality of being independent artists, we love everyone who gets to be part of our journey, and we are forever grateful for every act of support!